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14 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

By Diane Cervantes

Raising one’s frequency is more than sending “good vibes” and experiencing “positive energy.” It’s a conscious effort and consistent action to lift yourself and live through your higher self. Leveling up can be challenging and it won’t happen overnight, but achieving and exuding a higher frequency is well worth it. Here are some ways to raise your frequency that will hopefully aid you in your journey of growth.


1. Find clarity within yourself – More often than not we are preoccupied with what we think we should be doing rather than being clear on what we really want out of life for ourselves. Finding clarity on what we want and what we need is the foundation of proceeding to where we’re going next. Take a moment to really reflect and be certain of your desires and necessities and make decisions that reflect them. Move away from operating mindlessly. That’ll only continue to produce low vibrations that attract similar energy.

2. Practice compassion – Practicing compassion to not only yourself, but to others is a karmic cycle that comes back to us. This form of transmitting energy is a good reminder that at the end of it all, we are one with this world.

3. Learn something new – Expanding and exercising your brain muscle is a way to increase your vibration and even acquire a sense of accomplishment. Immerse yourself with new knowledge.

4. Quit being defensive – Defensiveness lowers frequency despite our nature to use it as a means of protection. Believe in a positive outcome to assist in releasing a defensive attitude.

5. Calm your mind – A racing mind will send frazzled energy out to the Universe and ultimately wear you out. In order to raise your frequency, you must calm your thoughts and train yourself to focus.

6. Detox – Cleanse yo’ self! Detoxing is literally the process of abstaining and ridding the body from unhealthy and toxic substances. The internal blockages we create and take part in can be easily diminished by being mindful of what we feed our bodies. Be mindful of what you consume and remove unnecessary matter, whether it be from foods we digest or how we internally nurture our soul.

7. Reiki – Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing, reduces stress and is based on the idea that there is a “life force energy” flowing through us. Frequency = energy. This technique is taught and uses hovering hands to move and balance these energies within us. Consider contacting a local reiki practitioner.  

8. Be here now – There aren’t second chances in the now, so it’s best to choose to be present. When we focus too much on the past or the future, energy is being wasted in should’ve, could’ve, would’ves. Being in the now is being grateful for where you’re currently at. Gratitude expands so far, that in return raises your frequency.

9. Cook a meal – If you’ve ever cooked a meal for others and everyone enjoyed it, you know how good that feels. Delight in creating and consuming a meal, a wholesome activity that cultivates you from within.

10. Strengthen your weaknesses – We can’t always be good at everything and there’s always room for improvement. Shift the perspective on how you view your weaknesses and see them as potential strengths. Rather than focusing on our faults, take the initiative to make progress on your not-so-strong suits.

11. Remove clutter – Getting the area around you nice and tidy is a big way to raise your frequency by organizing and getting rid of that which no longer serves you. Whether you deep clean or just rearrange your space, not only are you visually clearing the area, but you’re also are making room for new opportunities.

12. Learn to love being alone – Being alone or doing activities on your own is super underrated. Although it is nice to share experiences with friends and loved ones, enjoying your own company is so freeing. The thought of being alone may be a hard pill for some to swallow, but there is satisfaction to be found when we dare to face and depend on ourselves. Accepting and savoring solitude is self-love at its core.

13. Listen to your gut – Your intuition never lied! That gut feeling is perhaps the most primal and useful sensation that we experience. To listen and follow our intuition is to honor and show respect to ourselves. At our core we know is best for us.

14. Love – Ah, the key to life. Love is such a pure energy and is essentially what we’re here for. Sending and receiving love is an infinite domino effect that only benefits us. As the highest form of energy, practicing love is a powerful force that is sure to take you to an elevated state of being.


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