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18 Affirmations for Clarity

Pray for clarity so that your vision and what you need to do becomes crystal clear. When people ask you what you do, what your goals are — do you have a concise answer? If you don’t, then you may be clouded and confused about where you’re headed. Your mind has to arrive before you do, so if it’s unclear, your journey and destination are unclear as well.  It’s never too late to get clear about what you want, so to assist in the process, I have compiled affirmations for clarity.

  1. Today wisdom guides my vision. I see everything precisely as it is.
  2. I see my dreams clearly and today I claim them!
  3. Today I master my distractions and stay on purpose.
  4. The light within me is so bright it blinds my fears and doubts.
  5. I follow my own true purpose with blessed clarity of mind.
  6. I maintain strength, clarity and peace of mind.
  7. I communicate clearly and consciously from my deepest truth.
  8. I release the past with clarity about what has happened and what it really means.
  9. My inner vision is always clear and focused.
  10. I express my own self most clearly and honestly.
  11. I see in my mind a clear picture of myself having already accomplished my own true goal.
  12. I receive clarity from the universe.
  13. I clear up mental blockages with ease.
  14. I easily work out complicated problems.
  15. I find solutions through relaxing my mind.
  16. I seek for clarity in all my affairs.
  17. I feel clear in my mind and my heart.
  18. As I declutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

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