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3 Types of Liars

Liars – we all lie, and if you say you don’t lie, you’re probably lying right now. Lying is conceived as a bad trait, and for the most part; I agree. However, I do believe that there are different types of liars.

Below are 3 types of liars:

Little White Liar 
This is the person that lies to get out of a prior engagement/plan. I may or may not be guilty of doing this, but sometimes you just want to stay home and cuddle with your demonic Chihuahua  named Marley. (Don’t judge me!) This is also the person that doesn’t want to hurt you with the truth. No, that dress doesn’t make you look thicker than a snicker.

Habitual Liar
This is the liar that irritates me the most. I’m sure you know someone that lies about anything and everything, for no reason. I had a friend that would blatantly lie to my face about the dumbest things, like what she had for lunch. I mean, really? Get your life, girl.

Pathological Liar  
This person is the one I’m most concerned for. They conjure up these stories to persuade you into believing everything they say. There’s no reason someone needs to lie about every detail of their life; that sounds exhausting.

What type of liar are you?





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