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30 Affirmations for Self-Love

In a world where there’s an insane amount of pressure to look and act a certain way, it’s extremely important that we realize — we are enough. You are enough. There’s great power in loving yourself — flaws and all, but let’s be real, you’re perfect! Self-love is the foundation of everything. It dictates how you allow people to treat you, how you carry yourself, how you respond to situations, etc. It’s obvious why there’s so many books and information about loving yourself, but it also makes it quite overwhelming to delve into. I compiled these affirmations on self-love to help steer you in the right direction. It’s okay if you don’t necessarily feel these statements are true, so fake it ’till they become the truth. 

  1. I am enough. Who I am is enough, and what I have is enough.
  2. I love myself, I believe in myself, I support myself.
  3. I am in perfect balance.
  4. I am physically and emotionally connected and healed.
  5. I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am.
  6. Every day I grow stronger and more relaxed.
  7. I choose to be kind to myself.
  8. The more I care for and love myself, the more love I will experience from others.
  9. I deeply and truly love and approve of myself.
  10. I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes.
  11. I now allow my vibration to attract abundance in beautiful and creative ways.
  12. Today, I choose happiness and self-acceptance.
  13. My self-acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me.
  14. I am worthy of love and respect.
  15. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.
  16. I stay balanced when others behave in an unbalanced way
  17. I fully embrace my courage, confidence, success, and self-worth.
  18. I am competent, I believe in my abilities and express my true self with ease.
  19. I am accepting myself unconditionally, no matter what.
  20. I radiate positive energy.
  21. I made it my daily practice to accept all of myself.
  22. I am worthy.
  23. I am a beautiful person with solid, unbreakable self-esteem.
  24. I fill my mind with positive and nourishing thoughts.
  25. I love and respect myself at all times.
  26. I believe that everything is for my highest good and greatest joy.
  27. I listen to and trust my deepest insights.
  28. I love motivating myself with positive self-talk.
  29. I am growing and evolving every day.
  30. I am a divine, wonderful expression of life, and am living fully from this moment on.

Change your mind, change your life. Thank you so much for reading! Please follow my blog to get notified of new posts! 🙂



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