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How Limiting Beliefs Could be Holding you Back

limiting beliefs
limiting beliefs / law of attraction

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are just that — beliefs that limit your growth in different aspects of your life. These beliefs are shaped by your environment, past experiences, upbringing, generational beliefs, etc. If you’ve dabbled with the Law of Attraction and have felt that it wasn’t “working,” then you could subconsciously be blocking the Universe with limiting beliefs. Personally, I was experiencing this — no matter what I did, I wasn’t seeing results. I knew it was something within me that wasn’t corroborating with my vision. I decided to do some deep self-evaluation to determine what the issue was. Well after much research, I figured I had limiting beliefs in certain areas. Beliefs that I knew always existed, because it was present throughout most of my life. These beliefs are “truths” we tell ourselves, that are not necessarily true at all. I think it’s time we break through these barriers that are keeping us from reaching our goals. Let’s not forget that whatever you give attention to, grows. If you’re constantly thinking that you’re going to be struggling for money, then you probably are. It’s like this evil cycle that’s tough to get out of, but not impossible. So, let’s start debunking these BS lies we tell ourselves and stop making excuses for not being able to get shit done.

Have you ever noticed that someone can be so successful in their career, yet they’re struggling in their relationships? It’s because they have awesome beliefs when it comes to their career, but have limiting beliefs in terms of relationships — and vice versa.

A great example is actually one that I recently watched on a show called “My 600 Lb Life” — this woman that is, well 600 lbs, talks about how some people are meant to work out and she’s just not one of them. When I heard her say that I couldn’t help but think how silly that is, because here I am working out and feeling like death, thinking this is NOT for me either, then. But, then I thought to myself,  this is a false belief that nearly caused her life. The same could be said of some of my beliefs. I know someone out there (the Universe) is thinking, giiiirl you got it all wrong.

It’s important to identify your limiting beliefs, in order to form new positive ones.

limiting beliefs, law of attraction

Thank you so much for reading! – Jocelyn 

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