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4 Relatable Issa Mirror Scenes

By Zaida Diaz

Only two seasons in and we’re already hooked. Some of the realest moments of HBO’s Insecure are the dialogues that Issa has in front of a mirror so we’ve rounded up four that we identify with oh, too well.

1. Lipstick choice

So you’re getting ready to go out with your girls. You’re fit is on point and your make-up is just about done. Only problem is you still can’t decide on the right lipstick. Bright pink says you’re bubbly and approachable, dark matte says you’re bold and in control and a red lip is for when you’re feeling sexy. You go through each shade only to talk yourself out of each and be like, “Thank God for Glossier’s rose balm dotcom.’’ The struggle is real and every girl feels you Issa.



2. Boss up or be a pussy

After getting into an argument with her boyfriend, Issa sleeps over at Molly’s and is forced to figure out how she feels about her relationship. She drives back to The Dunes the next day and gives herself a little pep talk before she confronts Lawrence, but she leaves before she has the courage to set foot out of her car. As much as we like to mentally prepare and hype ourselves up before having a important convo, sometimes even that isn’t enough to make us boss up.


3. Don’t be petty

Issa and Lawrence have just broken up and she finally finds out he’s seeing Tasha. Issa’s girlfriends obviously look up the rebound chick on Insta to see what she’s about. You know they’re going to judge TashMoney289’s feed like crazy, but to their surprise Issa puts her big girl panties on. She’s not having it . . . though that doesn’t last too long. Cue the ex-girlfriend mirror rap: “Oh, he’s with you now girl? Then why he come running back? Oh, you putting it down? Then why my nanny his snack?”


4. Hit me with the block?

So it’s been a few weeks since your ex and you split and you just happen to look him up on social (you being the curious cat that you are) and you realize dude really just blocked you. Damn like that? Here’s a piece of Issa’s mind Lawrence: “Oh, that’s what we’re doing? We being childish my n****? We just pointing and clicking and we not talking my n****? You fixed your pussy ass fingers to really block me my n****?”


Issa’s mirror verses are a small part of what makes the show so riveting. It’s those bathroom reflections that allow viewers to witness Issa’s rawest emotions. We can’t wait to hear what rhymes she’s cooking up for season three.






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