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4 Things To Remember If You’re An Intern

I was inspired to start this intern series, in part because it’s how I got my start in the entertainment industry. I wholeheartedly believe that I wouldn’t be at this (starting) point without it. The other reason why I truly felt inclined to share these tips is because in the past year, I’ve encountered many interns and I see which ones are willing to work from the ground up and are eager to learn. Unfortunately, I have also encountered lazy interns that run at the sight on work and just want to be there for the wrong reasons. Internships are crucial and add great value to your résumé, so make sure to utilize your time there wisely.

1. Stay busy, but don’t just do busy work. While being an intern, I recall the main editor (shout out to Philly!) tell me that busy work doesn’t get you hired, it’s the meaningful work that does. At the time I didn’t really understand, but looking back he’s completely right. Anyone can enter data or do research, but not everyone can bring valuable skills to the table.

2. Reputation is everything everything. If you want to be known as the extra friendly intern, then just be prepared to have that follow you throughout your career. Contrary to popular belief, this industry is quite small and news travels fast.

3. Build genuine relationships with as many people as possible. Emphasis on the genuine part. The relationships you build throughout your career can and will lead to more opportunities that benefit both parties. Don’t have a hidden agenda and don’t use people.

4. You’re not going to be an intern forever, so if people are sucky remember one day you may be their boss. Life always comes full circle!

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