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5 Biggest Misconceptions of Marriage

1. You Can’t Follow Your Dreams: For some weird reason, people think that being married means you can no longer accomplish the goals you always wanted to accomplish. Quick story — I had a production assistant approach me and ask how my husband keeps me motivated to pursue my dreams. I was caught off-guard, but I told him that my husband is 100% supportive of every crazy idea I have. I asked him why he had asked and that’s when he told me that he’s also married. However, his wife felt that because they were married she could no longer pursue the career she once loved. So, he wanted to know what my husband was doing, so he could do the same for his wife. [Man, what a blessed relationship!] For some reason, in certain careers, being in a marriage is frowned upon. It’s almost as if you’re suppose to be ashamed for being married, or that it somehow means you’re not willing to work as hard. Anyway, I told him that if anything his wife should feel extremely blessed that her husband is incredibly supportive, and that after she gets home from doing something she loves, she gets to spend the rest of her time with the person she loves. Nothing could ever compare to that.

2. You Won’t Work as Hard: I feel that people automatically assume you’re not willing to work the long hours because you have to go home and be a “wife”, whatever that really means. Being a wife doesn’t take away from my drive to succeed. Would I rather be home cuddling? Of course! But if working an event is necessary, then I will do that without hesitation.

3. Marriage Solidifies Your Relationship: Not true. Personally, I think (most) divorces happen because people use marriage as a crutch for a relationship that’s broken to begin with. I love my husband just as much as I did when he was still my boyfriend. He annoys me now just as much as he did before. Marriage is not the cure for something that’s not solid to begin with.

4. You Become Boring: Uhm, no. We don’t just stay home all day — although, cuddling all day doesn’t sound bad at all. I get to travel around with my bestfriend, and roam around the city drinking Starbucks, because that’s what makes us happy. Wait. . . maybe it does make us boring.

5. Time For a Baby: Contrary to popular belief, getting hitched doesn’t mean a baby must come immediately after. Now, of course we want to have a baby (or babies, depending on who you ask), but for now we’d like to enjoy sleeping in and doing as we please, for as long as we can.

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  1. rebeccawadlington
    4 years ago

    #3 is spot on, marriage is not a cure for a shaky relationship, it won’t solve anything. Great post!

    1. itsanlathing
      4 years ago

      Thank you! 🙂


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