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5 Things to Consider Cleansing & Purging

Out with the old, in with the new.

Can you believe it’s already December? Where the heck has the time gone? Today’s newsletter is about letting go of what no longer serves you or has a purpose in your life. As we get older, we have to truly focus on what keeps us motivated and closer to reaching our goals — whether your goal is to run your own business, get a promotion or have peace in your heart. So many things that we have lugged around with us for so many years that we don’t even realize that those things could be holding us back. As we prepare for the new year, here are a five things to consider purging and cleansing.

  1. Social media: You may want to consider unfollowing accounts that are constantly posting about drama (gossip accounts included) or always talking about being “broke” or bad things always happening to them. You may not be aware of it, but negative posts can lower our vibrations without us even realizing it. Instead follow people you love and inspire you, and heck the cute animal accounts too!
  2. Phone: When you get a new phone, they usually sync all the information from the previous phone, which also means you’re probably holding on to old messages/numbers/pictures that are no longer relevant in your life. Delete it. Delete old screenshots, numbers of people you no longer associate yourself with and messages that are taking up space. In other words, make room for new memories and cute ass pictures.
  3. Closet: I am so guilty of hoarding clothes, because I feel like one day I’ll need it, howevs, that day never seems to come. Go through your clothes, try it on if you must, and determine whether it’s something you want the higher version of yourself to wear. It sounds silly, but if we want to evolve and be better, then you have to start setting that standard for everything in your life.
  4. List of habits: Create two lists titled “ New Habits” and “Habits that will stay in 2017”. Based off that, write down what new habits you want to create in 2018 (but obvs start now, because why not) and habits that you absolutely refuse to bring into 2018, because you realize how detrimental they are to your overall well-being.
  5. Negative self-talk: Oftentimes I would make jokes at my own expense, and even though I was kidding, my subconscious mind didn’t get my jokes and it took it as fact. When you make a mistake, rather than bad-mouthing yourself, try positive reinforcement like “It’s okay, I will get it right next time.”

It’s easy and understandable to feel overwhelmed while “cleansing” your space, so rather than approaching it as a chore, understand why you are doing it. Write down a few reasons why clearing out your closet or developing your habits is important to you. How will it improve your quality of life? In the end, that is truly what’s most important.

Thank you so much for reading! Please share with someone you’d think would like this! <3

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