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5 Things That Give Me Anxiety

I’ve always been an anxious little baby. I definitely think it’s generational because my mama and abuelita are the same way. As I’m writing this, I’m experiencing hella anxiety over business matters, but what can you do? Learn to cope with anxiety, that’s what. Also, I am not an expert on dealing with anxiety, but rather I acknowledge that anxiety is a monster created within my thoughts, thoughts that I need to learn to control better.


  1. Interviewing: Despite interviewing everyone from Snoop Dogg to Gloria Trevi (thank you, God!) I still get nervous before every interview — regardless of who it is. I get super quiet right before I’m about to interview, but as soon as I crack the mic on, all the jitters go away. I consider this the good type of anxiety/nervousness.
  2. Going to events: I know it’s a story I’ve created for myself, but going to industry events really gives me anxiety. I think I stopped getting invited as much because I would never go, lol. I truly let my fear of … honestly, I don’t even know of what, get in the way of networking and meeting new people. Every year I say I’ll be better and then I don’t even try. I’m just keeping it real.
  3. Public Speaking: I think people assume that because I can do interviews,  public speaking comes naturally. No. There’s a huge difference between speaking to a few individuals in the comfort of a studio vs. speaking to a large group. I get nervous in the days leading up to it. I try to practice what I will be saying, but I just fear that I won’t make any sense and people will throw tomatoes at me because honestly I’m more of an avocado person anyway, but I know they’re expensive right now, so…
  4. Driving to new places/find parking: Is there parking? If not, please don’t invite me. Does it involve the 405 Fwy? Sorry, I have to take my non-existent cat to the vet.
  5. Not hearing from my loved ones: Look, it’s not that I’m needy, I just need to know you’re okay and happy. Seriously. If I know someone in my circle is sad, I feel like I have to resolve the issue for you/talk you out of your funk. It can become extremely unhealthy for me because I have no control over what happens in anyone’s life, and I let give me anxiety to the point that it makes me sick. 

If you’re feeling anxious right now, you are not alone. Do your best to control those thoughts in your head. We tend to make problems bigger than they are, our brain is a pro at doing that. Breathe and know that the only thing that matters is this moment. Breathe, baby.

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Posted on June 15, 2018

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