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5 Tips to Stay Organized in the Workplace

By Amy Gonzales

Before I started working in marketing, my organizational skills weren’t exactly up to par. As a result, I was constantly feeling unproductive and stressed. I desperately needed to improve. With the help of managers and coworkers from my previous job I was able to learn about various tools for successful laptop, desk space and planner organization. Fast forward to June 2018 and I am at a new company, handling not one, but four brands as a marketing coordinator. This position has given me a newfound confidence when creating agendas, managing assets and being the go-to person for each brand. My ability to adapt to change and respond quicker has improved through being organized. Organization is key to any work environment, therefore I will share a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned to help maintain my sanity.

1. Buy a planner and ACTUALLY write in it – I can’t tell you how many times my planner has saved me from forgetting a birthday, event or due date for a project. I personally like to have a medium-sized planner because it allows me enough space to really focus on bills, deadlines, birthdays, notes, etc. The more you write down, the better chance you have of retaining that information. If you’re more of the digital iPhone calendar type, then I would highly recommend making sure your information is synced correctly and accessible to you. Efficiency is key, so whatever works best for you, do it!

2. Use an app or platform to store notes – I use Stickies or notes on my laptop along with a platform called Evernote. For instance, if my manager asks me for my notes from March 5th, I can pull this up without hesitation. These tools and apps are free, so why not take advantage of it?

3. Organize your folders – This takes time and energy… It also takes focus and maybe a few cups of coffee or a good playlist to actually sit down and do this. I promise you though, you will feel so relieved after you go through and “audit” your files. Emptying your trash after you sift through your laptop is one of the best feelings. I start to feel overwhelmed when my desktop has more than 5 files on it at a time.

4. Clean your hard drive to some tunes – I’m not ashamed to admit that I create acronyms or jingles while I’m in the middle of cleaning up my hard drive or laptop. Here’s an example (please don’t laugh or do, I don’t care): “PTO form on the desktop, when I’m organized I can’t stop, stop, product descriptions outdated, this Nikita file is not related.” In all seriousness, music even a melody help me focus. If I’m not feeling inspired, I usually put on music to motivate me.

5. Try not to multitask – This may sound counterproductive, but it’s actually an ideal way to work. If you are strictly focusing on the task at hand, you will actually complete the task a lot sooner rather than working on too many projects at once. Try to plan out your work day where you don’t have to complete two assignments at once. This allows you to allot enough time and effort to complete both. Doing this has made me feel more confident and less stressed with the work I produce.

These particular tips have helped me create a positive work environment for myself. Not only does organization help you personally, it also lets your peers and upper management know that you are someone who is reliable, detailed and efficient, which could ultimately land you a promotion or other opportunity in the future.

Do you agree with any of these tips? Or are you content with how you already handle organization? Share your tips and tricks!


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