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6 Instagram Posts To Leave Behind in 2014

First of all, can we stop liking our own pictures?

1. Play-by-play on the Gram.
Please stop posting every errand you run. We don’t care if you just got a car wash, a mani/pedi, and now your grocery shopping. Seriously, this needs to stop. Take it to Twitter, toots.

2. Bashing The Opposite Sex.
Excessive love/relationship/”I hate men/women” posts. We understand that the person you love is a jerk face and you hate them, but can you not. I see people that talk about being glad they’re single because they don’t have to worry about being cheated on, and a month later they’re in a relationship.

3. Screenshot Overload/Relationship Validation.
Constant screenshots of overly-affectionate texts from your significant other. I feel like if you feel the need to boast about your relationship on Instagram, it’s like you feel you have something to prove. I’m sure we all get cutesy texts, but some things are better left in private.

4. Over-sharing.
Posting a million (similar) pictures of the same thing, AKA pictures of you in the same bathroom mirror, with a slightly different pose.

5. Stop Throwing Shade.
Angry posts directed to someone, unless you’re going to “@” them, bro. It shows someone’s maturity level when they attack a person on Instagram and put their business out there. Grow up, please. Take it to the streets, like the good ‘ol days. Just kidding, I don’t endorse violence.

6. Reposting of Fictitious Giveaways
Okay, these are the ones that really get me. No one is going to give you a $1000 for shouting them out on your page. Oprah did NOT endorse it, and yes that is a fake tweet from her. I mean, I feel like this is common sense?

These are really just my Instagram pet peeves. I thoroughly enjoy a lovely selfie, sunsets and all that jazz, so please do not mind me and carry on.



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