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6 Things To Do Before You Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job To Pursue Your Dreams

Planning and I are not friends, nor do I think we ever truly will be. I tend to wing things, but this shouldn’t be one of them. You need an exit plan and then a plan of action.

    1. Know your finances: I know it’s cliche, but you need to have money saved for at least a couple of months (6 months at least). Your business may not take off right away, you may have some unexpected expense or both because life amirite? Figure out how much moolah you need each month for bills, expenses and to fund your business.

    2. Plan of action: Okay, so you quit your job and now you’re free . . . maybe too free. Oh shit, what are you going to do with all your freedom?! You need to know how you plan on utilizing your free time. Don’t wait until you have it, to figure out what to do with it because that will leave you overwhelmed and it may result in lack of action. Not that I’m talking from experience or anything…*shrugs*

    3. Don’t burn bridges: “May the bridges I burn light the way.” Nah. Do not burn bridges with any of your past employers — not only does it take too much energy, but you just never know what the future holds. Give it your all, even if it’s your last two weeks because your reputation is important.

    4. Have a business plan: Bruh, again with the planning. I know what you’re thinking, but without a plan, how will you know what steps to take next? I’m not saying this plan needs to be 100% concrete, but you need some sort of blueprint to guide you along the way.

    5. Research: Research the FUCK out of the industry you’re trying to break into. Who is your competitor? Who is your ideal client? How much are other people making? Gather knowledge from all sources you have access to.

    6. Prepare: Yes, the above steps are important, but what’s most crucial is that you prepare mentally and physically for what your new journey will demand of you. Start implementing a morning routine, because Oprah said so. Morning routines usually include self-care tasks, such as meditating, working out, reading and breakfast. Obvs, you can do what works for you, but I promise you’ll need this step.

Lastly, here’s a friendly reminder that the life you envision for yourself is your real life. If anyone tells you that your dreams are unrealistic, that’s very much their own limiting beliefs. Keep working hard and don’t quit. Quitting is for losers and you are far from that.


With love,


*Do what works for YOU. This is not an action plan*

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