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Why ‘You Are a Badass’ is the Self-Help Book You Need in Your Life

By Diane Cervantes

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Live an Awesome Life, the bestselling self-help book by author Jen Sincero, is one of my favorites and a book I often recommend. When I was first introduced to this book, I didn’t have a paying job and was at a point in my life where I was uncertain of what was next. I was discouraged, lacked motivation and just felt stuck in this cycle I created for myself that wasn’t getting me anywhere. On a fateful afternoon, I was hanging out with one of my greatest friends and we decided to go to Barnes and Noble with no particular intention to get this book, but it was one of those hangs where we were feeling motivated and in the mood to get our sh*t together. As we made our way through the store we were greeted by a burst of bright yellow shelves filled with these books, we each proceeded to grab a copy. At first, I was a little hesitant in making this purchase, but decided it was well worth the investment and put it on my card.


Treat Yo’ Self .  .  . to a New Perspective

Now a run down on this book. Although filled with sassy and motivational anecdotes throughout, it is not to say that the positivity found in the pages will resolve your problems instantly because not everyone has the same opportunities at an easy reach, but it does offer a tone that is relatable and straightforward. Sincero’s writing style is like talking to a big sister who only wants the best for you and is here to remind you that you are capable of achieving your own greatness. The book is sectioned off into five parts, with sections including titles such as “How To Get Over Your B.S Already” and “How to Embrace Your Inner Badass.” The chapters are easy to digest and the book’s intent is to help you identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that are holding us back from what we desire. Each chapter starts off with quotes that anticipate what will be discussed. The quotes alone are timeless and encouraging. When I first started reading You Are a Badass, I got super inspired and little by little started making changes and improvements. It felt great to strengthen my integrity, but the best part was realizing that I was being true to myself again.


Birth of the “Yellow Bible”

However, as my life was picking up, I stopped reading the book halfway and I would keep re-reading the chapters I last left off on. My friend had already finished reading the entirety of You Are a Badass and was also making positive changes to her life based on what she had learned. Since we both embarked on this journey together, she would remind me of the valuable text I had in front of me when I was feeling Iow-spirited and needed a boost. Whenever we were going through a rough time or needed guidance, it became a thing for us to be like “READ THE YELLOW BIBLE!” We found that this book had enlightening information that could be useful to many, so whenever I got the chance I would recommend this book to anyone that would listen. Some of my friends did pick up their own copy and have also found direction and initiative to live their versions of a badass life. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how great we actually are and how most of the time these barriers that we build ourselves are minimal in comparison to our true value.


Growth is Never Ending

You Are a Badass is one of those special reads that you can come back to time again after finishing it, and remind yourself that you are more than capable of switching your mentality and perceptions that are holding you from your fullest potential. I am still on my journey and I’m not saying I have yet mastered the

teachings found in this book, or that after reading it *ta-da* your life will be 100% smooth-sailing moving forward, but it is a tool that I have personally found very useful. Even when I forget what I learned, going back to this book is a great source for motivation and reasoning. Most importantly, You Are a Badass emphasizes the no.1 rule that many of us forget to implement which is to love ourselves unconditionally. Without this foundation, we are more susceptible to believe that we aren’t worthy and deserving of all the good things that this Universe has to offer us and we are all deserving of.


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