• Life is Too Short For...

    How satisfied are you with your life? If you answered 100% satisfied, then I am so happy for you! If not, then I can totally relate.  I had a completely different topic lined up for today, but I felt like I needed to spread this message, instead. *Maybe because I needed it, too!*  With that bein... View Post
  • You're Never Going to Feel Like It

    In a perfect world, we would wake up feeling energized and motivated. Let’s be real — most days are a battle between doing what we need do to vs what we feel like doing. This is why you can’t rely on motivation. For so long I was under the ever-so-false impression that I needed to feel motiv... View Post
  • Stop Doing Sh*t That Makes You Unhappy

    *Previously posted in 2017*   If there’s something right now that’s making you unhappy — stop doing it. If you're in a relationship that’s making you unhappy — leave it. If your job is making you unhappy — change it. I know it sounds it’s easier said than done but you the goal is to actively do ... View Post