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Meet the Industry: Brooke Reese

BrookeReese (1)Did you always know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?
Brooke: Yes, I knew I wanted to be in radio since I was in about 7th grade. I was the kid who talked too much and was always in trouble for being the “class clown.” When I realized that you could get paid to be yourself and talking to people, I was all in. I honestly couldn’t see myself not working in the entertainment industry. I thrive off of making people smile. Making people smile or laugh is the best feeling.
How did your journey into the entertainment industry start?
Brooke: When I was attending college I got an internship at 99.1 KGGI in Riverside, I was an assistant to our then Program Director. Once I finished school I had already been hired onto the street team. I had done a few overnight shifts here and there, but a year after my graduation I got an opportunity to work in Palm Springs for U92.7 and worked there for about 2 years eventually landing a full time night show out there, it was really cool to get an opportunity to work there because so many vets in radio started there too. I was at both 99.1 and U92.7 for those 2 years, I worked 6 days a week and commuted everyday to Palm Springs from Riverside so that I could work at both stations. I was doing the night show in Palm Springs and an afternoon entertainment segment on 99.1. My days were crazy, I was up at 10am at work by noon and home by 1 am. I wanted it so bad, that I put in any time I could to make it happen. I was also working a ton since I was so “green” I wanted to get better and working everyday was the only way to do that.
What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve received from Liz Hernandez? 
Brooke: The best piece of advice I’ve received from her would probably be, you have to put in the work. She believes and I do too, that you have to continuously work hard at what you do in order to perfect or become great at your craft. That’s why I am constantly trying to better myself professionally and personally each day. She’s my rock.
 People instantly fall in love with your amazing personality. How do you maintain such a positive attitude? 
Brooke: I would say I keep a positive attitude by focusing on the good in my life. I’ve come to realize that we all have stuff going on in our daily lives. Nothing will ever be perfect. So I try to focus on what IS good in my life, what I have to be grateful for, which is a lot. I don’t really let anything bother me, if I can’t change it at this very moment why stress on it. It takes a lot to make me upset. There is always a reason to smile. It takes the same amount of energy to be happy as it does to be angry or sad.
Was there ever a point that you felt like quitting? 
Brooke: Always. I think when you decide to work in this industry you better get used to people thinking your dreams are too big. You’ll hear a lot of no’s at first too. There’s been a bunch of times where I’m just like, is this worth it?…But the people who are truly on your team will always tell you to keep going, when you feel like giving up, they’ll be there to help you keep moving forward. Plus when you really want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen, you won’t give up, even when you want to. It’s the drive and passion that made you start in the first place that’ll always keep you going.
BrookeeeeeeeWhat is the biggest misconception about your job?
Brooke: I love this question. I think the biggest misconception about my job is that it’s so easy. My job is easier… now, now that I’ve been doing it for 5 years. But at first, oh my goodness, so hard! Just like learning to do anything for the first time. The amount of time I put into my job and getting better at it is basically 24/7. I’m always thinking of what’s going to make the show fun or how I can make myself better. I’m constantly critiquing myself.
What are 3 things we may not know about you?
1. I love to cook! I’m pretty good at it too! I love cooking for my family and friends whenever I’m not working.
2. I love animals! Especially dogs, I would really like to link up with a local shelter to help with pet adoptions, so that way animals who have been abandoned can find good homes.
3. I like to think I’m good at impersonating people, whether it be my co workers or actual celebrities.
What’s your best piece of advice for someone that is trying to break into radio?
Brooke: My best piece of advice would be just go for it! Don’t care what other people think, it’s so easy to get caught up in worrying that you’re as good as this person or that person, but all that matters is that you are trying. Remember, the people you look up to who are “great” at their job have probably been doing it for years, these things take time. So practice everyday, make an air check, practice breaks in the car over music that’s playing, come up with fun topics that you would use on air, there is always a way to be moving forward. Also internships while you’re in college are so essential, as well. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door. Remember the only person who can make it happen for you, is you.
How do you prepare yourself when you’re going to interview an artist?
Brooke: I like to be 100% prepared before I interview anyone, period. It’s my job to know everything about them, in order for me to ask the best questions and to be able to follow along if they mention anything specific to do with them. I like to do some research on them as far as current events and previous work too. I like to think of fun questions that a fan would ask. Essentially I’m interviewing the artist on behalf of all of their fans who don’t have the chance to ask he or she a specific question. Basically prepare, prepare, prepare is what I do.
Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years? 
Brooke: In 2-5 years I’d love to be working in LA radio. I’d even like to be an entertainment correspondent or maybe even try acting. I honestly want to do it all, and I think, why not? Dream big, work hard, & results will happen. However, there is so much that I still want to do, I just hope within the next few years I’ll have taken some steps to move closer to pursuing my dreams. I still have a lot of work to do, but i’m definitely up for the challenge!
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