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Cancel Caffeine: 8 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

By Diane Cervantes

Most of us know how comforting and flavorful a cafecito can beand A LOT of us even feen for that caffeine kick. Whether consuming it through teas, soda, coffee, or other types energy drinks, the side effects from consuming more than 500-600 mg of caffeine a day may lead to unwanted jitters, insomnia, irritability, an upset stomach and even addiction in extreme cases.

While caffeine is considered a natural stimulant, there are other ways to increase energy that don’t compromise your sleep or keep you restless. Although the effects vary for individuals, perhaps you are in search of a substitute that will save some cash as well as the wait in line. Here are some ways to maintain a high energy level *clapping hands emoji*


B12- Get that B…12! B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, anemia, poor balance and memory loss. B12 and B complex helps metabolic functions and converts food into proper fuel. This vitamin can be taken in supplements, injections and can be found in high-protein foods such as salmon, eggs and beef.

Chill out –  A cold shower can “shock” your body awake, jump starting circulation and increase oxygen.

Water – Dehydration is another cause for experiencing fatigue, lack of focus and mood changes. Chug that H2O girl!

Coconut Water – Another gift from mother nature! Coconut water has high potassium and minerals to hydrate and revitalize you. (P.s. It can also aide with hangovers!)

Sniff the Stamina – Smelling peppermint or cinnamon can wake up your senses, jolt you up and get you focused. Inhaling aerated cinnamon or peppermint oil aides in increasing alertness and diminishing fatigue.

Walk it out – *Cue in UNK* Going for a walk or doing any other physical activity increases energy and mood as well. Improve your disposition while you get those 10,000 steps in.

Ginseng – Ginseng is a herb that aids your body in adapting to stress and helps boost energy and stamina. It also can benefit the health of hair and skin as well as promote weight loss.

Pressure point – Not all pressure is here to stress you out! A simple acupunctural technique can easily give you a quick boost. Using your index finger, put some pressure between your upper lip and below your nose. This increases alertness and energy. Try putting your finger on this “kiss point” for a minute and feel that spark!

Share your favorite alternatives to caffeine with us!


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