• Social Media Guide | Digital Download

Social Media Guide | Digital Download

Hi! I am so happy to have you here with me! My name is Jocelyn and I have been growing, establishing, and building social media pages/presence for 7+ years!

I understand not everyone that is starting out has the budget for a full-time social media team (I feel you!) so I figured I would put this guide together with the goal of guiding you through your social media + branding journey.

Social media doesn't have to be exhausting -- especially if we can stop ourselves from mindlessly scrolling (guilty!) and comparing ourselves to others (also, guilty.)

This guide is designed to help you set social media goals, establish your branding, identify your target audience, Get clear on the solutions your business/brand provides, Create content using our content pillars + a bonus 20+ content ideas sheet, and much more!

My number one advice to everyone is -- Don't overthink it!

Be yourself. Show up authentically. Have good intentions.

- 15 pages + "How-To" worksheets

- Digital Download PDF

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