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Dear Jocelyn…[Letter From The Future]

I know you’re supposed to live in the present, but sometimes you need some reassurance that everything will work out. So, I decided to contact my future self — you know the one that has her life together at all times (let me dream big, sheesh!). Well, I reached out and she wrote back — this is what she had to say.

Jocelyn, you made it! There were times when you weren’t too sure if you would, but you did. I’m so proud of you. Remember all those times when things didn’t work out how you thought they would? Well, I’m here to tell you that it all played out for the best. Your life right now is pretty darn amazing. You’re a mom! Even though sometimes you think you’re not doing a good job — you are. You’re still happily married to your best friend, and unfortunately he still forgets to put the seat down, but he loves you so much that it makes up for it. Your guys’ love and bond is unbreakable. Your mom is still your best friend and you guys go on ridiculous shopping sprees, but it’s okay — she’s worth it. You finally bought her a house right next to yours, because you clearly have mamitis.

Wow… you actually did everything you day dreamed about— crazy huh? All it took was for you to understand that no one is going to save you. You saved yourself. You’re still using your voice to spread positivity, and you’ve turned it into a thriving family owned business. You’ve helped many dreamers conquer their goals, because you know what it’s like to feel lost in this journey. You’re living in your purpose and you’re happy, because that’s all you ever wanted.

I want to thank you for never quitting, even when you had every reason to. I promise it all pays off, and it’s so worth all the times you cried out of frustration and confusion. By following your purpose, you made a difference, and you made the people that love you so proud. Trusting and having faith in God got you to this awesome place you’re at.

It all works out. Stop stressing and enjoy the simple times, because now you’re a boss and there’s no crying allowed.

This was actually really therapeutic for me. If you’re feeling anxious about your journey, contact your future self. They have the answers! :p

Thank you for reading!


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Posted on October 7, 2014

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