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Dear Mother-in-Law . . .


Dear Mother-in-Law, I’m not sure why god decided you needed to leave so early in life, but I cannot question him. Please know that you were, and continue to be so loved by everyone that had the pleasure to cross paths with you. I was fortunate enough to interact with you on a few occasions, prior to your departure. We try to visit you often, and you were with me in spirit when I was going through one of the toughest moments in my life. I remember visiting you and just crying and crying, while strangers just stared. But, only you would understand what I was feeling.

I know you’ve been present every time we visit you; our little hummingbird.

I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job at raising three boys. For molding my husband into the man he is today. I know you would be so proud of him and how beautiful his heart is. He’s not perfect, he leaves the toilet seat up sometimes and he likes to annoy me on purpose, but he’s so thoughtful, caring, and understanding- he’s a dream come true. I can’t imagine where I would be in life without him. I only hope to be an amazing mother like┬áthe ones Nilo and I have.

I promise to love him and protect him, as he loves and protects me. I will love him enough for you and me. I promise to never leave his side; to be his backbone when times are tough. I can’t promise we won’t argue, but I can promise that we will overcome every argument. I can promise you that when he misses you at night, I will hold him tight. As long as I’m alive he will never have to face anything alone.

But, I wish I could have spent more time with you.


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