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Everything Happens for a Reason

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason” time and time again, BUT I truly believe in this statement. This phrase alone has helped me deal with rejection from numerous industry jobs, OK- maybe I’m exaggerating and it was only 3 different occasions in which I was told I wasn’t qualified enough. Rejection is a scary thing and it’s hard to get back up and keep going. In my experience, this phrase has gotten me back on my feet and it could help you, too. Years back I decided to quit my dead-end job at Macy’s (it was dead-end for me because I never aspired to be a manager, etc). I worked as a sale’s associate for the women’s shoe department. Although, working there was stressful and I developed a low tolerance for ignorance, I can honestly say I met wonderful people from all walks of life, but we’ll save that for another time. Anyway, after leaving that job, I knew I couldn’t stay unemployed for long due to being (for the most part) financially independent. So I applied everywhere and I did land a few interviews. Being 18 years old and having little to-no guidance on interview etiquette, such as; not wearing jeans or to refrain from bad mouthing your prior boss, even though they totally deserved it. It made getting a job that much more difficult and getting getting those “Thank you, but we decided to go with someone more experienced” cards were discouraging. I remember thinking it shouldn’t be THIS difficult to find a job. I was 18 and na├»ve, need I say more? After what seemed like an eternity (2 months) I finally landed a receptionist job at a college, thanks to a friend that referred me. To make a long story short, I ended up working there for two years and being promoted twice, eventually doing financial aid counseling. I then decided if I was going to do counseling, I was going to do it at a top university ( I always dream big) I applied to a position I wasn’t qualified for – to a school that everyone is trying to work for, and yet I managed to beat out 190 applicants at 22 years old. The point of all that is that god has a plan. It wasn’t meant for me to work at those places that rejected me, I was meant to be here. Slowly I’m starting to realize why I am meant to be here. It’s not because I am a spectacular financial aid counselor, it’s because being here has taught me that I don’t want to settle and I don’t want to make this my living. I don’t want to be bitter,unhappy and complain about work every day. Granted, I know that in what ever I decide to do it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies, but I shouldn’t have to feel annoyed every day of my life. I remember a few occasions when I was told that I was only ever going to be a counselor and I wasn’t going anywhere. I’ve never been one to settle or one to conform, but those nay sayers fueled my drive even more. So, thank you! I ended up going back to school and during my second semester I applied and landed an internship for Latino 96.3 – which was conveniently located 15 minutes away from my current job. Being an intern was the best learning experience. I met so many amazing people who have become like family. I feel so blessed and i’m looking forward to seeing where all the “rejection” is going to take me.
With that being said, remember that every “no” is not because you’re not good enough, it’s because there’s something better for you. Be patient, be kind, and STAY PASSIONATE.


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