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How Fear Is Stopping You From Being Great

 Fear does not stop death, it stops life.

– Never let your fear decide your future.
– Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

What you need to know:
– Fear feeds on idleness, in order to combat this state, you must DO something you’re afraid to do.
– Fear makes you indecisive, because you’re afraid to take risks without knowing what the outcome will be.
– Fear feeds into the worst case scenario — you imagine the worst thing possible actually happening. Luckily for us, it usually never even happens. You’d think we’d get it by now.
– Fear leads you to believe things are not possible, that you’re not worthy and that you can’t do something that hasn’t been done before.
– Fear loves living in negativity.
– Fear convinces you that there’s a “right time” to do something. Nah, bruh. The time is NOW.

So what is fear? 
Fear is a basic human emotion that’s instilled in us (the nervous system, to be exact) to help keep us safe when our instincts feel like we may be in danger. Without fear we would probably be living our lives recklessly — jumping in water when we don’t know how to swim, petting sharks, walking on the freeway, etc. In the early days fear was especially vital for survival, due to the fact that humans lived in the the wild and were probably being chased by huge hungry animals.

Fear is totally necessary, as long as it’s rational fear. For example, walking to my car late at night in a sketchy neighborhood is going to trigger fear because my instincts feel that I may be in danger, because duh — this is LA after all. That’s 100% rational; it makes sense. However, being afraid of trying something new, applying for your dream job, being afraid of rejection or trying new things — that’s not rational fear. You’re literally not in danger in any of those scenarios. Your brain does NOT like change and if it thinks you’re about to try something that requires you to step out of your comfort zone, please know that your brain will conjure up every reason as to why you shouldn’t. The trick is fighting fear with courage; feel the fear and do it anyway.

Workout time! 
List 5 fears and analyze each one — is it rational? What’s the worst that could happen? If I do it, will I be okay?

Here’s an example:
Fear: I’m afraid of reaching out to someone I want to work with.
Why, though?: Because I feel like I’m not worthy of working with them. I’m afraid that I’ll be rejected.
Okay, what happens if you are rejected?: I’ll feel disappointed and like I’m not worthy.
What’s the actual truth?: That I am worthy. I wasn’t meant to work with this person at this time and that’s okay.

Sometimes we just need to write things out and analyze the situation. Work through your fears, because as it cliché as it sounds, the greatest things happen outside of your comfort zone.

I’ll end this with my final thoughts and a #NoteToSelf.
– Stop fearing what people will think. No one truly cares, everyone is worried about their own shit.
– The only thing I fear is regret. I don’t want to be 80 regretting not taking chances/opportunities.
– We have ONE life. Don’t let it be a life lived in fear.

Thank you for reading! Love, Jocelyn

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