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What Are You Taking for Granted?

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You know, sometimes I think — man, if I were God and witnessed how ungrateful I can be, I’d be so disappointed. Like, I gave you all these blessings and I’m working on something greater than you ever imagined and you’re still not thankful? Girl, bye. Luckily God is patient and understanding. He knows our hearts and knows that sometimes we’re just too human to understand His work.

This thought came to me a couple of days ago when I was so focused on the lack of physically having my ideal career. I think, largely because of social media, it’s incredibly easy to compare yourself to everyone else and their accolades — which is a whole other monster. Anyway, I stopped for a second and thought about all the amazing things I have right now. The little and big blessings I receive on the daily. Have you stopped and realized how blessed you are today? I know we say we know we’re blessed, but do you really? Here are five things I am eternally grateful for, because next time I want to have a shitty/resistant thought I can look back at this.

I’m grateful for:

1. Love: Humans are meant to be loved; it’s simple. Love from family, friends, bae, pets — because let’s face it, pets are the best example of unconditional love. At that moment, I found myself feeling so guilty for taking the abundance of genuine and delicious love for granted.

2. Health: This one is huge for me, because at one point in my life I was always sick and in pain. Not dealing with health issues is so liberating and I can’t and won’t allow myself to take that for granted. I’m still not as healthy as I aspire to be, but I’ve made better lifestyle changes that are more aligned with my higher self. I need to make sure I am healthy to thrive and receive all of God’s blessings to be able to help as many people as possible.

3. Books/Audios: Yo. I wholeheartedly do not know where I would be, spiritually speaking, if it wasn’t for books and audios. Listening and reading material that feeds your mind and soul is vital if you want to become a better person or to get a better understanding of who you are and your abilities to do anything your heart desires. I’ve learned a lot, but I haven’t even scratched the surface. Whatever you do, please keep an open mind.

4. Social Media: Okay, I know I totally talked shit about it earlier, but social media isn’t always bad. These platforms have allowed me to connect with some amazing people that I otherwise would have never met. I’m constantly inspired by people and the messages I randomly receive, yet they’re always right on time. Just stay off those gossip/drama driven people and pages and you’ll be gucci.

5. Vision: This is a weird one to add, but it’s true. I’m grateful for these visions God has instilled in me, I can see them so clearly (most of the time). The only time I can’t see these visions clearly is when I cloud them with detrimental thoughts, caused by my false deadlines.

I didn’t include my husband, family and friends because that’s a given. Every night I thank God and pray for everyone — literally. I sound just like my Grandma when I pray, she prays for the entire world.

What are you grateful for right now? Take a moment to write five things you’re grateful for — shelter, food, ability to walk, etc. 

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Posted on October 24, 2017

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