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The Japanese Garden: A Little Oasis in Our Urban Backyard

Amid the everyday hustle and bustle, the Japanese Garden offers a temporary escape for those overwhelmed by our industrialized, fast-paced culture. As much as I love city life, I appreciate any chance I get to discover spaces where I can slow down and smell the roses (or cherry blossoms in this case). Here’s why making a trip to the Japanese Garden is a MUST:

The Scenery & Aroma
This seems obvious ‘cause I mean hey, it’s a garden — it should smell and look amazing! However leaving it at that would be an understatement. The Japanese Garden is also referred to as SuihoEn or Garden of Water and Fragrance. It’s quite an appropriate name because as soon as you enter you’re greeted with the most beautiful assortment of scents, from the fresh water to the sweet-smelling peach blossoms. By the way there are views for days here. Your eyes won’t easily forget the way the vibrant flowers offset the emerald patches of grass and blue lake. One of my favorite features includes the weeping peach tree with lilac-colored flowers that cascade downward toward benches where people can sit and admire them. The waterfall is another treasure; it’s surrounded by a range of black pines that are shaped into a bonsai-like style.

Let’s Get Zen
I think we can all agree that life is complicated. Sometimes stress comes from trying to further our careers or from issues that arise with close friends, relatives, or partners. Other times we might just be in our own heads overthinking the heck out of everything (that was a little shout out to my fellow virgos – I feel you). Perhaps what I enjoyed best about the garden is that it serves as an opportunity to be in tune with what’s directly in front of you. Bye bye worries, bye bye anxiety (at least while you’re there). The garden’s teahouse, which happens to overlook the entire area, is the perfect spot for meditating and practicing to be present.

Did I mention the Price?
If I haven’t convinced you already then the price just might. Admission costs $5!! If you’re anything like me (a college student on a budget) then you won’t turn a blind eye. Whether you want to make room for some much needed “me” time or planning a special occasion with your significant other, you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Promise.

By Zaida Diaz

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Posted on February 16, 2015

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