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Katherine Murillo Talks How Trust, Self-Worth & Faith Impacted Her Career Journey

Name: Katherine Rose Murillo

Nickname: Kat

On-Air Personality & Blogger


Hometown: Camarillo, CA

Words to live by: If you know your truth and God knows your truth, there’s nothing you need to prove to anyone else. More than anything, stay true to yourself.


Interview by Zaida Diaz

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as an on air personality?

I actually never planned on going into radio. I wanted to pursue a career in television, the news specifically. When I was going through the journalism program at CSUN I realized that wasn’t going to work out. We would take turns “anchoring” for the CSUN news and very quickly I realized how unfulfilling it was for me. This is absolutely no disrespect to anyone in news, I take my hat off to each and every one of them! I just remember sitting there at the end of our CSUN segment thinking, “I have like 32 different personalities and I feel like I didn’t even get to show one of them.”

Were there ever moments that others doubted you or you doubted yourself? How did you deal with it?

Because of my Faith, I’m pretty good at not doubting myself, however, I’m also human and have definitely had a few moments. One of them, in particular, was within my first year in radio. I went back and forth with struggling internally if I was “right” for the show. I remember our Morning Show had a meeting with our boss and he had put the stamp on what I had been feeling. He explained what he “needed” from me, and I remember thinking “that’s just not me, they hired the wrong person.”

My self-doubt + his doubt really made me reconsider my role at the station and on the show. It’s funny because if I doubt myself it’s one thing . . . but if someone else doubts me – they better watch out! I was now determined to prove him wrong.

I committed myself fully to the position, dedicated my time and energy to every aspect of it. I focused on my strengths while also working on my weaknesses. The truth is, it brought out of me what I should’ve been giving from the beginning. I realized my boss wasn’t actually doubting me, he was testing and pushing me. It worked.

What has been key to helping to build your career as a radio personality/blogger?

Being TRUE to myself.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s not just the key to it, but the foundation for it and everything else in my life.

Up until this point in your career what goals/milestones are you most proud of?

For radio, it’s been when I’ve been able to use my voice and platform for GOOD. Whether it’s through organizing some type of drive/fundraiser, giving my time and energy for a cause I really believe in, or just being able to bring awareness on a much larger scale. All of those things are what I wanted to make sure I used my platform for since I started in this position.

A blog related milestone was being the Keynote Speaker at Ventura County’s Women’s Empowerment Expo. It really was a testament of where “being true to yourself” can take you.

Do you feel that we need more Latinas/woman of color in powerful positions within media organizations?


When there’s diverse representation at “the top,” it’s reflected throughout the entire company/organization/etc. I feel like people are finally starting to understand that REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

We need roles that represent us ALL in the beautiful diverse forms that we are.

In your blog you often emphasize the importance of knowing your worth as women. Were there ever times when you felt unworthy (in your personal or career life)?

I genuinely believe that truth and worth need to be at the core of our foundation. These are areas I had always felt very strongly about in my life, however, once I started taking jobs that didn’t have a “set” price, I realized I didn’t know my worth financially. It was so hard for me to give people a number of what I felt I was “worth.” I didn’t even feel comfortable negotiating, if they set a price I took it without question.

This is definitely an area I struggle with but am getting better at. Surrounding myself with strong women, who know their worth financially and share their knowledge and experiences in this area has really helped me. It’s given me perspective and confidence to own my value more in this specific area.

What role does faith play in your day to day?

Earlier I mentioned that truth and worth are my foundation – but my Faith is the ground on which my foundation is built on. Everything in my life revolves around my Faith. I couldn’t imagine making decisions in my personal or professional life without talking to God about it first.

On a day to day, I would like to think I’m a better person because of it. When I’m having difficulties with someone I remind myself that they’re also God’s child and it forces me to approach them or the situation from a more empathetic perspective.

I really do try to be kind to everyone. I don’t want to just speak about my love for Christ, but SHOW his love.

This industry can be very competitive, but I genuinely believe there’s room for us ALL. My Faith allows me to remember that what’s meant for me will be for me. I will never need to backstab, betray or belittle someone else for a job, position, etc.

It’s very easy to get caught up in this industry, my Faith humbles me and centers me.

It’s a constant reminder of what ACTUALLY matters, and WHO is actually in control.

Do you have a morning ritual that helps you kick off your day on a positive note?

I do the morning show, I wake up too early to do anything else other than throw on some foundation and workout clothes. (I mean I totally could wake up earlier, but I mean the struggle is so real already). This is something I definitely want to get better at.

One thing I do every day on my way to work is pray, I can’t start my day without it. I also try and listen to a sermon/message on my way to work, it helps get my heart and mind on the right page to start the day.


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