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Listen Up! Podcasts to Add to Your List

By Diane Cervantes

Even with the apparent oversaturation of podcasts, there’s something out there for everyone. With categories ranging from business, comedy, health, technology and so on, finding ones that resonate might be overwhelming since there are so many to choose from. Although topics and discussions heard on podcasts may be similar, the delivery, personality, experiences and insights from the hosts and guests alike are what make the following shows unique and some we highly recommend checking out.

Small Doses, With Amanda Seales –  Self help from the hip comedian, actress, DJ and overall multi-hyphenate. Amanda Seales drops gems with her weekly podcast Small Doses ,which “brings you potent truths for everyday use.” Seales keeps it super real (as her intro song suggests) and sections off the show into four parts. She starts off with  “Gem Dropping,” where the listeners are hit with facts and offers another outlook on the matter being covered. Seales follows to serve us some “DMTea,” where Seales reads questions sent to her DMs that are related to the topic of discussion, she also provides examples of her past experiences and learned lessons with “That One Time”  and concludes her show with “People I Like” where she and her weekly guest go more in depth and talk about the episode’s dose. Small Doses is a personal favorite, because not only is the engineering excellent and entertaining, (Shout out to Brandon the engineer!) but Seales uses her charisma and humor to touch on topics that aren’t typically discussed out loud.

Episodes include titles such as, Side Effects of Having Anxiety, Side Effects of F*ckboys, Side Effects of Being Extroverted.


Wait, Hold Up! With Jessica Molina and Yarel Ramos – “They don’t have all the answers, but are down to figure it out” is part of the intro you’ll hear on Yarel Ramos and Jessica Molina’s podcast Wait, Hold Up! where the ladies discuss the latest in pop culture and politics, hold interviews with people you may or may not be familiar with who are on their grind and “learn the ‘wait, hold up’ moments that changed their lives.” Both Ramos and Molina have backgrounds in journalism. You may know Ramos from seeing her as the host of Univision’s Edicion Digital California  and Molina is currently Sr. Producer at, previously working for digital outlets including Latina, Vivala, and Remezcla. Together, they have conversations, introspections and display values that are very relatable to millenial Latina women living in the US.

Episodes include titles such as, Working Out Because You LOVE your body, I’m Not Trying to Date You, I’m Just Trying to Work With You, Know Your Worth (Negotiating For More Money)


The Currently With Betsy Aimee – Betsy Aimee is a writer, speaker, producer of impactful digital content, as well as the host of her podcast The Currently. The show documents Betsy’s journey in her career she talks about personal development and is described as “a show for people who like to think critically and want to improve themselves and the world too!” Sounds like the ideal listening party for us.

Episodes include titles such as, Expanding Our Imaginations During Tumultuous Times, Find Your Fire Wi/ Ch*ngona Manifesto, How to Grow Your Business With Padrinos or “Sponsors”


Let There Be Luz With Linda Garcia – Let There Be Luz is a weekly podcast, hosted by Linda Garcia (aka Luz Warrior) that “takes you on a transformative spiritual journey.” The show focuses on the power of menstruation, spiritual growth and feminine energy. Luz Warrior encourages us to not disregard our intuition and breaks down the different aspects of a menstrual cycle, including  how it can manifest our intentions. Her voice is gentle and engages the listener through breaking down the content by using storytelling in her creative structure.

Episodes include titles such as The Speed of Luz: Mother’s Intuition, Yoni Series: Identifying Blockages, The Speed of Luz: Sacred Red Tent.


Happiness at Work, Happy Melly Podcast With Sam Mednick – Happy Melly is a Global Professional Happiness Association dedicated to helping people be happier at work and this podcast is an extension meant to do the same The host, journalist Sam Mednick interviews authors, entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts “to discover what they’re doing to foster happiness in the workplace while living passionate and purposeful lives.” Happiness at Work is very useful as the topics discussed aim to shift the perspective of our professional experiences, improve our work ethic, reflect on self-perception and create/maintain happiness in the workplace.

Episodes include titles such as, Liberating People at Work, The Best Version of Yourself, Avoiding the Distraction Economy, Ditch Your Inner Critic.


Rants and Randomness With Luvvie AjayiBest-selling author and “side-eye sorceress” Luuvie Ajayi is the delightful woman behind the Rants and Randomness podcast. The word “rant” can be attached to a negative connotation, but the show’s content is anything but that. Ajayi’s offers realness to her approach, incorporating substantial “random” topics that many can learn from and relate to.

Episodes include titles such as, Making Your Own Path, Rise to the Occasion, Not Even Me Can Stop Me, Real Gs Move in Science Like Wakanda


Cafe Con PamThere’s nothing like the comforting satisfaction of having a cafecito with some pan and photographer, brand strategist and podcast host Pam Covarrubias brings the sabor to her show Cafe Con Pam. It is a bilingual podcast and “platform where Latinx are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversation.” The topics include content that pertain to the Latinx bicultural experience and features “fearless Latinas, Latinos, Latinx and People of Color that break barriers, change lives and make the world a better place while living in the US.” This show exudes warmth and a sense of community, exemplifying a shared culture that is relatable to many.

Episodes include titles such as, There’s Room For All of Us Here, The Importance of Creative Collaborations, Decolonizing Eurocentric Beauty Ideals, It’s Never Too Late to Knock on a New Door.


Oprah’s SuperSoul ConversationsOf course Oprah’s show had to be included on the list!  SuperSoul Conversations is Oprah’s “personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.” This podcast is super motivating (duh, its Oprah) and is composed of timeless insights and revelations. Topics include self-improvement, as well as dealing with and overcoming adversity.

Episodes include titles such as, Eckhart Tolle: Being in the Now, Wayne Dyer: The Art of Manifestation, Malala Yousafzai: What Is Your Defining Moment? Lin-Manuel Miranda: Creativity and Compassion.


What are some of your recommended podcasts? Share your favs with us!


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