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Marriage Be Like. . .

Relationships take a lot of patience, dedication, and of course, two people that genuinely love each other. Below are some of the perks of sharing your life with the person you love.

  1. Let’s grab some food . . . at crazy hours of the night.
  2. Let’s drive aimlessly . . . at crazy hours of the night.
  3. Breaking into a dancing duo when the radio is playing our jam.
  4. Rapping and singing at the top of our lungs.
  5. Rubbing each other’s feet.
  6. Playing board games and getting really competitive. Clearly, I always win.
  7. Making plans for the future.
  8. Taking last minute trips.
  9. Getting excited about buying our “first” things together.
  10. Netflix binges.
  11. Taking naps throughout the day because we want to cuddle.
  12. Arguing over silly things.
  13. Buying each other meaningful gifts.
  14. Waking up to each other’s “cuteness”. Personally, I look like a gem in the morning. . .just don’t verify that with the Mr.
  15. Having my best friend with me 24/7 – with the benefits (insert creepy winking face).
  16. Having to make crucial decisions together.
  17. Relying on each other for support.
  18. Annoying each other  . . . well, because there’s nothing better to do.
  19. Leaving love notes like “Put the seat down, ya nasty!”
  20. No, really, put the damn seat down.
  21. Appreciating each other’s quirkiness.
  22. Groping each other every chance we get.
  23. Grocery shopping makes us feel like we’re finally adults.
  24. Making fun of each other.
  25. Splitting the chores.
  26. Sharing special moments together.
  27. Having pet babies.
  28. Did I mention we annoy each other for fun?
  29. We miss each other when we’re apart.
  30. Home is wherever he is.

What do you think the perks of being in a relationship are? Let me know!

Thank you for reading <3

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1 Comment

  1. Adriana Vega
    5 years ago

    So that means I have a good marriage! #1 to #30 is us and is been like this for 12 years! N praying to be like this till d end.


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