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Meet The Industry: Ashley Hollabakk

cali christmas social photo (3)Power 106 Los Angeles  Social Media Manager | Freelance Digital And Social Media Consultant

Ashley’s Advice: You have to trust that your hustle will pay off. Meaning, don’t be a clock watcher, don’t ONLY do things for the dollar and understand that sometimes you will have to do tedious and not so pleasant projects to learn AND GROW. I had 3 jobs at the same time up until I landed my gig at Power 106. Even when I was a content producer at 987 FM, KIIS FM and 104.3 MYfm, I still did personal assisting work and side gigs. I did have a “big girl” job already that could handle my bills, but what really humbled me and helped me grow was my side projects, yes even working for free and building my network. I talk with many college students about their up and coming journey in the industry and always stress…SAY YES!!!! You never know who you can meet or what you can do by volunteering for an event, asking to help with a project…anything. Say yes until you have reached the point that you don’t have to say yes to everything all the time! Make sense?

 Ashley’s Social Media Do’s & Don’ts:

1. Show your personality. Be yourself and show who you are.
2. Be positive. Try to shine everything in the brightest light possible, you want people to feel happy or something good when they see your content

1. Don’t be a complainer; no one likes a Debbie Downer. Always have a positive light online. And if you can’t, then make the negative post kind of funny so it seems like it’s for laughs.
2. Don’t talk smack about anyone you work with online. Your future bosses can see this. It’s a no-no…you’re bored in a meeting? Don’t say that online! Disagree with something your co-worker said? That’s great – talk it out face to face.
3. Don’t seem like the “partier” online. It’s totally fine to turn up with your friends, but don’t make it the basis of your social media. You have a drink in your hand, cool. Don’t go posting your marijuana or 15 shots in a row video online. Keep it private.
4. Don’t be too provocative. Selfies are cool, a little cleavage is cool, but remember as a career woman, you don’t post those butt cheeks and cleavage in every post.
5. Don’t be fazed by the haters. Yes, we all get occasional mean comments on our social media pages, and it’s REALLY hard not to go crazy and go OFF, but just keep it inside. Unless you have something very clean, smart and sassy to say (that won’t get you in trouble) just leave it be! The last thing you want is a screenshot of you popping up somewhere arguing with some stranger on IG.

Stay connected w/ Ashley:
Snapchat: Ashleyhollabakk

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