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I had the absolute pleasure of chopping it up with the beautiful and talented DJ Lezlee to talk about her journey as a DJ. Lezlee talks about being inspired by DJ AM, breaking into the industry, overcoming a difficult point in her life and much more.

@MeetTheIndustry: I think being Latino, sometimes our parents don’t really understand our dreams. Did your parents agree with your career choice?

@DJLezLee: I think my dad still doesn’t understand it, but my mom has always been so understanding. My mom did really amazing at letting my brothers and sisters be themselves. My mom always felt that if we could make a living off our dreams, then do it.

@MeetTheIndustryWhen did you know you wanted to become a DJ?

@DJLezLee: Growing up music was always a big part of my life — I always turned to music. I use to come home from school and just lock myself in my room and listen to music. When the internet first hit, I came across DJ AM and I always wondered “wow, how does he do that?” from his wordplay to the way he mixed genres. It was at that moment I knew that’s what I wanted to.

@MeetTheIndustryWhat would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ?fullsizerender-8

@DJLezLee: I always knew I would be involved in music. My mom would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was always music.  I didn’t know what exactly, but music had to be involved.

@MeetTheIndustryHow did you get your foot in the door?

@DJLezLee: It started with the idea, then saying it out-loud so many times. I always talked about it so much that it stuck in people’s minds. To the point that people remembered about the girl that always said she wanted to be a DJ, and they would reach out to see if I actually went through with it. I eventually got equipment and started DJing for my friend’s backyard boogies and events.

fullsizerender-5@MeetTheIndustryDo you remember your first club gig?

@DJLezLee: The Dragonfly in Hollywood — there was like two people there and I didn’t get paid, lol. That was like the biggest night of my life. I will never forget how nervous I was, I was like WTF, I’m playing at the Dragonfly, ‘cause I remembered that DJ AM had played there. To me it was a big deal. I just always knew this was going to be it, I loved it so much from the beginning. Before I even owned a pair of turntables and records, I was obsessed. I was so obsessed that I said there was no plan b.

@MeetTheIndustryAs a DJ, what obstacles did you overcome?

@DJLezLee: DJing really helped me in so many ways. Growing up I was so shy and when I first started I wasn’t as confident. It helped me realize that anything is possible. Obviously when you first start at something you’re not going to be good, but you just need to practice and do research.


@MeetTheIndustryIf people didn’t know you have been working on your craft for 10+ years, they would think you just got lucky when you landed a spot on Real 92.3.

@DJLezLee: Oh my gosh, yes. I’ve have so many ups and so many downs. A year ago I was contemplating if this was actually for me. I also always feel like breakdowns lead to breakthrough moments. When you’re feeling down and questioning whether you’re doing the right thing with your life — you just have to be patient…something amazing is working out.

@MeetTheIndustryWhat was your mindset prior to your opportunity with the Real?

@DJLezLee: I was at a place in my life where I felt like I could be doing more. I felt really low and I prayed and talked to God, and asked for guidance and to hold my hand through whatever was coming next. I said, if this isn’t for me, then thats okay but I needed a sign.

@MeetTheIndustry: You talk about being at a point where you’re fearless — how did you get to that point?

@DJLezLee: I just had to remind myself that everyone that is amazing at their craft, one day they weren’t. It took a lot of work, practice and mistakes to get there, and they didn’t care…they just kept going.

fullsizerender-10@MeetTheIndustryWhat piece of advice would you give your younger self?

@DJLezLee: I love that you asked me that! I talk to my younger self every day. What I would tell my younger self is not to worry so much, it’s going to be okay and just take it one day at time. Whatever you’re passionate about, do it!

@MeetTheIndustryWhat did 2016 mean to you?

@DJLezLee: Man, it was the ultimate year of growth in so many ways. It wasn’t easy, even working radio wasn’t easy, because I had no experience. You know, I use to pray for friends that I could connect with in a way that we motivate each other. People that are likeminded — we have goals and we’re dreamers.

@MeetTheIndustryPiece of advice for someone that wants to follow their dreams?

@DJLezLee: Believe in yourself 100%! If you don’t believe in yourself you cannot expect anyone else to believe in you. Don’t give up, its not always going to be easy and you’re going to be broke for a while, but trust that it’s going to work out. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Stay focused on yourself and you’ll be golden.

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Catch DJ Lezlee on Real 92.3’s #2OClockLunchBreak!

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