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Meet the Industry: Gabby Diaz


Gabby’s advice: My advice would be not to settle, and work your ass off! Don’t ever get comfortable because somewhere out there, there is someone that will do what you’re doing and more because they want it that much more. So show ’em what you got and stay HUMBLE!

Get to know Gabby!

Jocelyn:  Did you always want to be an on-air personality?
Gabby: No! I had no idea I wanted to even do radio. I thought I would be a cosmetologist. I went to school for hair, while working for a fashion company. I HATED IT! I needed a change and decided to apply at power 106 and got SO Lucky.

Jocelyn: How and when did your journey into the entertainment industry begin?
Gabby: Probably about 4 years ago. I started here on Power’s street team which just showed me a whole new world. It showed me how many different doors I could choose to open. It wasn’t until I started on Rosewood Radio, with my homie Dj A Ron, that I felt like I could do this on-air thing.

Jocelyn: During your journey, have you ever felt like quitting?
Gabby: OMG – all the time. I’m human and sometimes there are certain situations that pop off that make you feel like the drama isn’t worth it. But, that’s where you got to check yourself before you wreck YOUR FUTURE. Remember you got to worry about YOU and forget what everyone else says.

Jocelyn: What does a ‘typical’ day look like for you?
Gabby: It’s so different every day. But what my days consist of is: blogging, social media, DASH Radio, and positivity – at least I try to keep it that way.

Jocelyn: What are 3 things we may not know about you?
Gabby: 1. I used to play water polo.  2. I’m NOT full Latina 3. I can shuffle (kinda, lol).

Jocelyn: For all the guys out there – What’s the best way to get at you?
Gabby: Hmmm, that’s a good question. I haven’t really been too focused on the opposite sex. I been so focused with work, but great conversation is always a plus. And if you can challenge me mentally – I’ll be attracted, lol.

Jocelyn:  Also for the guys – what’s the best NOT to get at you?
Gabby: Ugh, being too aggressive. I hate that. It’s the biggest turn off, ever!

Jocelyn: Biggest misconception people have of you?
Gabby: Oh man, I can go on about this one for days. I think people think I am a bitch, or something. Maybe because I have a certain look on my face or I may not reply to all of the tweets I get. I just get so busy and get caught up in my own personal stuff that I forget there are people that are watching my every move, like my fans because they do support me one thousand. I may not say it enough, and this is something I am working on, but I appreciate every tweet, shout out, #WCW post; all of that. If it wasn’t for the fans I wouldn’t be anything. Those people inspire me to keep pushing.

Jocelyn: What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
Gabby: I have 10k pet peeves, lol. I hate when people put their whole life story on social media. Like, ok we get it, you are totally in your feelings right now, but the whole world doesn’t need to know. I hate people are out here looking crazy.

Jocelyn: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Gabby: Hopefully on-air full time in LA. Taking over these airwaves and being a voice for the city I love so much.

Stay connected w/ Gabby:
Catch Gabby rockin’ your airwaves on DASH Radio & WILD 94.9
Gabby-DASH Gabby-wild94.9
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