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Meet the Industry: Marina Moreno

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Marina’s Advice: Don’t get lost in the facade that is the media/social media world. Be confident in who YOU are, who YOU strive to be and every idea you believe in. Create your own journey, your own path and you will notice that you are paving the way for fellow dreamers and go-getters. Never base your progress or success to that of others in (or not in) the spotlight. I live by the phrase’s, “You never know who you’re sitting next to and you never know who’s watching” because you really don’t. Your wildest ideas are the breath of fresh air that you, the person next to you, the person watching you, and another may need. Therefore, follow them full heartedly and give them life. Never aim to be the next him, her or them. If you work hard to create YOUR legacy, you’ve already succeeded.

 These are my top three tips for landing an internship:

​Let go of your fear of rejection and take a chance. Do your research of companies that are looking for interns and submit. It’s always great to have rotating internships, so make searching a habit. Also, ask some of the people you see making the same (or similar) moves you aim to make. Though they aren’t a major cooperation, they are still a brand themselves. They too may even need a hand or two and offer great experience that you can learn from. TRUST ME.
2. Be honest with your vision.
One of the first things you’re asked when sitting down with your future mentor is, “What is it that you hope to gain and ultimately create based off this experience?” It’s important to be clear with what you hope to do based off the opportunity of the internship. Your mentor is there to help prep you for the real world and of course, help you prosper. If you’re not honest, he/she won’t know how they can help you,​ or if you’re really ​committed.​ Yes you’re there to shadow, but they know you aren’t there to be a clone. Therefore, don’t feel the pressure to feed them ‘what they want to hear.’ Be honest.
3. Create relationships. Not connections.
The last thing you want, is to be THAT person with the reputation of only contacting people when you need something. To avoid this, create genuine relationships with not just your mentor, but everyone you come in contact with during your journey. This helps them remember who you are as a person, colleague and brand, versus just knowing what you do. Don’t focus on having a phone full of ‘connections’, focus on having the RIGHT contacts. With genuine relationships, people are more eager to work with you, and to refer you to others which could lead to more internships and/or jobs. 
When you’ve applied yourself, committed, stayed true to your vision and created the right relationships with the right people, you will notice both your network, and brand, expanding. 

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