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Morning Rituals For Success: Brittany Leonor

Interview By Zaida Diaz

Let’s face it mornings can be kind of a drag, but adopting healthier habits can help make those early hours less painful. Our series gives an inside look into the morning rituals of badass women succeeding in their respective industries (so take notes ladies). This week we asked Sage Glow Studio Founder and wellness guru, Brittany Leonor, to share how she jump-starts her day.

Are you a morning person?
Nope, I’m a night owl. The morning is rough for me especially if I’m waking up before the sun is out. I basically can’t form coherent sentences until after 8am!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Meditate and pray. I set my Insight Timer app for a few minutes on ‘eternal stream’, do some mindful breathing and thank God for all of my blessings. It helps to start my day with gratitude and combat the grumpiness of not being a morning person!

What comes next?
After hopping out of bed, I get ready to go workout – contacts in, tongue scrape, brush teeth, and tame the mane.

I set my workout clothes out the night before to streamline my process then either head to the gym for weights and/or HIIT or do yoga at home.

Maqui Berry Beauty Drops by Skin Owl.

Before my shower, I typically throw on a gentle mask or an exfoliating cleanser (loving the Leahlani line right now). Post-shower I load up on oils: almond for my body and whatever my face needs, which ranges from tea tree, to rose hip to maqui berry.

Then it’s time for a glass of chlorella, breakfast (usually chia seed pudding or a veggie-heavy smoothie) and a cup of matcha. My husband Josh and I both own our own business, so we have a quick morning meeting before diving into work.

Which step in your morning regimen is a MUST?
Hot water and lemon. I drink it each morning after my shower and crave it every day. I feel like it starts me off on the right foot with a jolt of vitamin C and the warming effect is really cozy, especially in cold Chicago weather.

If you could incorporate one thing into your routine what would it be?
More dry brushing. I think the benefits are amazing (lymphatic stimulation, improved circulation, detoxification, exfoliation), but I’m not consistent with it. It really does invigorate me, so it’s something I’m trying to be more mindful of including.


Do you have a morning routine? If so, comment below we want to hear from you.

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