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Not All Advice Is Good Advice.

I love advice. I think it’s great to hear people’s experiences and thoughts on certain matters; however, sometimes we need to know which advice NOT to take. 

Relationship Advice on Social Media.
A well-known individual stated that women needed to learn their roles in a relationship. Clarifying that no man wants a “loud”, outspoken woman, and went on to say that a woman should be nurturing, do the house chores, and solely focus on making her man happy. While I do agree with a couple of points, such as being nurturing, and wanting to take care of your significant other; I feel it shouldn’t be one-sided.  Additionally, if a man can’t handle a woman that stands up for herself, and speaks her mind, then maybe she should raise her standards and find a man that can handle a strong woman. We are not maids; we are QUEENS. This is a reminder that just because someone has a large following on social media, it doesn’t mean that their advice is credible. In case you were wondering, it was a woman who gave this piece of advice.


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