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Pay Attention to the Signs

On my home from work last night, I was giving myself a little pep-talk, affirming God’s plan for me. Reminding myself that it may not materialize how I envisioned it, but the end result will be equivalent, if not greater.

First thing you need to know about me is that I am a creature of habit and that I suck at taking directions — I will get lost. Alright now that you are up-to-speed, let me tell you about the sign I believe was from God.

In order to get to the road that takes me home, I have to make a right on a certain light. For whatever reason I wasn’t able to get into the lane, and I didn’t panic (which I always do.) I decided that I was going to take a different route and that I would figure it out on the way. This is not like me at all. I’ve taken the same route the entire five years that I’ve worked there. However, something in me just gave me assurance in going into the unknown. This route was dark and I couldn’t see the street signs or any other cars. I was literally in a dark canyon/residential area. I kept driving and made a random turn. That turn coincidentally led to me to the same street that I needed to take in order to get home. What a surprise, it worked out. It always works out.

I took that as God telling me,” you may not get there the way you planned to, but you will get there.” I feel he also wanted to show me that the journey that I’m about to embark on is also on a road less traveled.

I may be over-thinking it, but the timing was too perfect. And I truly believe that nothing is a coincidence.

Remember God likes to give us signs; pay attention.

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Thank you for reading! – Jocelyn

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