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Musiq Gypsy x “Fight Night” Producer, StackboyTwaun

I had the honor of interviewing StackboyTwaun, the producer behind Migos hit, Fight Night. StackboyTwaun is gaining major recognition for his production that assisted Fight Night in becoming the #5 Urban Song in the country. Did I mention this hit has over 5 million views on YouTube?

If you have been living under a rock, and have yet to hear Fight Night. Listen below!

Musiq_Gypsy: How did you get into producing? How long have you been producing?

StackboyTwaun: Hearing no other than the greatest, Zaytoven himself. He inspired me to become successful. I’ve been producing since 2006.

Musiq_Gypsy: Who has inspired you? Who is your favorite producer?

StackboyTwaun: Zaytoven.

Musiq_Gypsy: Would you say you have a certain production style? Can people hear a beat and recognize that it’s your beat/production?

StackboyTwaun: I wouldn’t say I’ve set in stone for a certain style; my beats have a certain vibe that attracts many, but when they hear “Aye Twaun Turn That Beat Down” they know it’s me.

Musiq_Gypsy: How did you and Migos meet? How did the making of “Fight Night” come about?

StackboyTwaun: My younger brother met them through college and was interested in finding someone who made beats. Fight Night was produced like any other beat I’ve created.

Musiq_Gypsy: Did you know that “Fight Night” was going to be such a hit? Personally, I’m very picky about new songs, and that beat had me SOLD.

StackboyTwaun: As a producer, you never really know what will take off, you just have to go with what feels good and pray for the best.

Musiq_Gypsy: How does it feel to hear your beats on heavy radio rotation and being #5 Urban Song in the country?

StackboyTwaun: It’s a blessing, and till this day I’m still in disbelief. Not everyone receives the chance to become successful. Have to thank no other than the man himself, God.

Musiq_Gypsy: I know you’ve also worked with Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug. Who else do you want to work with?

StackboyTwaun: Whoever’s willing to work, but to be more direct; Gucci Mane, Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, Future, T.I, Drake, Lil Boosie, etc.

Musiq_Gypsy: What do you want listeners to feel when they hear a song produced by you?

StackboyTwaun: When listening to my production, I want listeners to feel the tone, the 808’s, and how the different sounds create a story

Musiq_Gypsy: What’s your production style? Does the artist give you a concept, or do you just make beats and keep them handy?

StackboyTwaun: I keep the beats handy, although majority of the artist I’ve produced for already had an idea of what they wanted to hear.

Musiq_Gypsy: Is there a song (any decade) that you wish you could have produced?

StackboyTwaun: They’re a lot of hits that I’ve fell in love with, but there is a time and place for everything, and my time is now.

Musiq_Gypsy: How vital do you think social media has become in the music industry?

StackboyTwaun: Social media has help and harmed in so many ways. There are a lot of unknown people out here pushing and promoting me without even knowing. Shout-out to all of my fans supporting me!

 Musiq_Gypsy: What are you currently listening to?

 StackboyTwaun: Scooter, Rich Homie, Young Thug, etc.

 Musiq_Gypsy: What can we expect from you in the near future? What are you currently working on?

StackboyTwaun: I’m currently working on a bunch of projects. I’m just looking to follow my dreams and make great music for the people!

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