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Sunday, you’re growing on me. Let’s cuddle.

My Sundays usually consist of brainstorming on what I plan to accomplish throughout the week. Whether my to-do list consist of sending out resumes to different radio stations or making sure I eat healthy (boo-freaking-hoo,) it helps me put everything in perspective. I usually dread Sundays because that means Monday is around the corner, and that means I have to wake up at ungodly hours and die a little on the 405 freeway, to then stare at a computer for countless hours crunching numbers (that’s actually the fun part). On the other hand, Monday’s are a chance to do something different; a fresh start, if you will. This week I plan to spice my new home (blog) up. I have high hopes! 🙂 The point of this post is to pretty much encourage you to go out there and be absolutely fabulous, you have nothing to lose! Let’s get it! *shimmy-shimmy-shimmy!!*

5 reasons why I should love Sundays more:

  • It’s okay to be lazy
  • Melrose Trading Post (Fairfax High School)
  • Only time you can go hiking in the morning
  • I get to spend time with my mom
  • Art Laboe shout outs (don’t you judge me, sleepy!)Hope everyone is enjoying their last day for a funday! 🙂



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