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Our Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels for First-Generation Entrepreneurs

When you’re a first-generation business owner or the first (in your fam) to embark on the entrepreneurship journey, it can be difficult to navigate through the process. People who have access to mentors or someone close who they can go to for advice are at an advantage. In anything that I’ve ever done, I didn’t have someone I could seek for advice, so I’ve had to turn to reading, Google and YouTube for information. YT has been a major player in my life and I view these YouTube channels as my mentors — I go to them for their knowledge and expertise. Sure, it may not be 100% interactive, but I feel like it’s helped guide me through this very new chapter in my life as an entrepreneur. At whatever stage you are in life, I’m sure the content these channels produce are worth your time. Also, not all of these are focused on business, some are spiritual. You have been warned.

Here are my 5 favorite YouTube channels for first-generation entrepreneurs: *Click on name to visit their channels*

  1. Minority Mindset: This channel has nothing to do with minority in the context of race and everything to do with the mindset. Here’s  how they describe the ‘Minority Mindset’: Give the majority $200, they’ll come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200, they’ll come back with $2,000.  They explore topics ranging from managing and investing money, how to start a business, crowdfunding, the importance of entrepreneurship and various other topics not discussed in most homes/schools.

  2. Marie Forleo: Marie’s channel is an amazing pool of inspiring and insightful interviews. I especially love the way she conducts her show, it’s organic and flows well. Her interviews are a great way of gathering gems from the top leaders in various industries, like Tony Robbins and many more. Honestly, this is how I find my “mentors.”

  3. Jackie Gia Monae: Jackie has easily become one of my favorite YouTubers because of how much I can relate to her. There aren’t many people on YT that delivery such thorough and free information, especially from someone that I connect with. Her personality and rawness is appealing, especially to women like me (a Latina who’s  figuring shit out along the way). Jackie does a great job of guiding us (in a non-pushy way) to make better choices, based off her own experiences.

  4. Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters: Whatever negative emotional state you are in, this channel can help you navigate out of that funk and into the land of understanding. There have been many times that I have felt so lost and confused because #entrepreneurlife (amirite?!), but these videos help me see situations from a different angle and in turn help me react from a space of awareness rather than confliction.

  5. VYBO: This channel offers various videos that are oozing with wisdom and inspirational talks from influential people — from Bob Proctor to Jay-Z. Each video delivers messages relating to self-worth, Law of Attraction, mindset hacks and so much more. I let these videos play while I go about my day and it just adds that push that helps me tackle tasks.

    What are some YouTube channels that inspire you? Let us know!

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