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6 Simple Changes to Make Right NOW If You Want to be Successful

  1. Morning Routine: Wake up and channel the feeling of joy — whether you actually feel that way or not. Visualize how you want your day to go and what you want to accomplish. Thank God for all your blessings; waking up, having a roof over your head, etc.
  2. Recite Positive Affirmations: Find your favorite affirmations and recite them a few times a day. You don’t necessarily need to say them out loud if you don’t feel comfortable, but you should definitely believe them wholeheartedly. If you’re in need of inspiration, I have compiled some pretty awesome affirmations here. (shameless plug)
  3. Virtual Vision Board: Being that we are virtually (see what I did there?) glued to our phones, we might as well utilize the screensaver as a vision board. I recently changed my lock screen to a quote that says “Don’t be afraid to dream big” and my home screen to an image of something I’m working towards. It’s a great way to constantly see something that inspires you to work harder.
  4. Feel Good: Feel as though something amazing is about to happen because you never know when a life changing event is about to occur.
  5. Stay Inspired: Watch inspirational videos — these are actually my favorite to watch —> These videos give me hope that anything is possible with the right mindset.
  6. Gratitude is Everything: Be grateful for everything in your life right now — the good and the bad. Everything that is happening in your life has a purpose, whether the purpose is to teach you a lesson or to help you get to the next chapter of your life. Be grateful for every little thing. Every day I make it a point to write out what I’m grateful for. It can be something as simple as the sun shining to being grateful for being alive. If you’re grateful now the universe will give you more things to be grateful for.

Change your mind, change your life. Thank you so much for reading! Please follow my blog to get notified of new posts! 🙂



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