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What Are You So Afraid of?

What keeps us from following our dreams? What keeps us from going full force? FEAR. Fear that we will fail and fear that we will succeed.

I’ve always been a girl that knows what she wants and figures out a way to make it happen. I pride myself on being THAT person. With that being said, I want others to follow their dreams and not be afraid. I always had a difficult time understanding what they were so afraid of – until recently.

Now I understand why following your dreams can be intimidating. I’ve worked diligently to ensure my dreams become a reality. However, the moment I was given a chance, and I didn’t do as great as I thought I would, I closed up. I felt so disappointed in myself, rather than being proud that someone saw something special in me; believed in me enough to put me out there. I’m afraid of failing, but I’m more afraid of not trying. Amazing opportunities like that don’t come around often. I need to face my fears of failing, because if at first I don’t succeed, I need to dust myself off and try again.

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