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Not Everyone Will Understand Your Vision

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I dread explaining what my goals are to some people. In addition, I hate explaining why I don’t have a baby, yet. But, you just don’t get it.

Everyone has different goals in life. Growing up with a single mother, my dreams were different. I wasn’t dreaming of prince charming and this magical wedding, because my mom didn’t have that. I was dreaming of making a living being in the entertainment industry. I saw how diligently my mom worked and how she always wanted to better herself. That is what I grew up idolizing; a go-getter.

Please refrain from looking at me crazy when I tell you I have some life goals to fulfill. Don’t tell me I want too much out of life and that I expect too much. Don’t tell me I’m ungrateful for the “good” job that I have. Mom, I know you don’t understand why I’m always on my laptop “working”, but thank you for understanding.

The moral of the story is, don’t feel bad if people don’t understand your vision. God gave you that vision for a reason. People are not going to understand, and that is perfectly okay. Oh, and next time someone asks you what your life goal is, tell them you want to be a dinosaur. It works for me every time.




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  1. Adriana Vega
    5 years ago

    There’s time for everything there’s no rush! But can’t wait to be an Aunt in the future! 😉 And true I want to be a dinosaur too! 😜 lol…. Love you!


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