You're Never Going to Feel Like It

In a perfect world, we would wake up feeling energized and motivated. Let’s be real — most days are a battle between doing what we need do to vs what we feel like doing. This is why you can’t rely on motivation. For so long I was under the ever-so-false impression that I needed to feel motivated in order to get things done. When I relied solely on the feeling of being motivated, nothing (at least not a significant amount) was getting done. If I didn’t feel like writing, I wouldn’t. If I didn’t feel like doing something, my brain would automatically talk me out of doing it. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t want to do something, you rationalize it? You do that because you want to feel like you have a legitimate reason for not going through with it. That’s all nonsense, but it makes total sense…if that makes any sense. Let me explain:  Your brain is trained to keep you on a daily routine, so when you have a thought of breaking your pattern, you have to take action right away. If you wait more than 5 seconds to respond, your brain will give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Anyway, after watching Mel Robbins’ video on the 5 Second Rule, I have a better understanding of why we hold ourselves back. 

Here’s what I took away from Mel Robbins' TEDx Talk: 'How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over'
  • You’re Never Going to Feel Like It: If you did all the things you didn’t want to do, you would get all the things you’ve ever dreamed of — vacations, money, business, etc.
  • 5 Second Rule: You have 5 seconds from when you get the initial idea to take action. Actions you need to take within those 5 seconds: speak, walk, write, schedule, send and ask. If you don’t, you’ll talk yourself out of it.
  • Stats: 100 million people feel dissatisfied with their lives — don’t be a part of that statistic.
  • The odds of you being born is 1 in 400,000,000,000 — which is why you have life changing ideas for a reason. Stop wasting them!
  • Find Out What You Want: Don’t make it sound good for others. This could mean losing weight to look good in those jeans, or more money to travel, etc. Whatever it is that ACTUALLY motivates you.
  • Stop Saying You’re Fine: If you’re “fine” you trick yourself into thinking you don’t have to change/do anything. Stop convincing yourself that you’re fine with not having all the things you want.
  • It’s Simple, But Not Easy: It's simple to get what you want, but it’s not easy. You have to force yourself!
  • Force Yourself: Force yourself to get outside your comfort zone, get out of your head and get past your feelings
  • Brain Logic: Any time you do something different from your normal routine, the brain automatically pulls the emergency break and tries to get you back into autopilot (your normal patterns). So you have to use physical force in order to change your behavior pattern.
With that being said, stop waiting for motivation, apply the 5 second rule and get ready to a life you're proud of!
Love, Jocelyn <3
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